Art in the Fast Lane

Art in the Fast Lane

Custom Motorcycles, Paintings & Video Art

META presents “Art in the Fast Lane”, offering the world's most exceptional Custom Ducati 1199 Panigale S, the ultimate Harley Davidson '89' Custom Dragster, famous Kawasaki 'Project Z' & more.. until August 31st

“Art in the Fast Lane” reveals a resolutely modern quest for individuality fueled by the daring endeavor of a few to push the boundaries of art on and around two wheels.

This culture and lifestyle evolved around café lounging urban youth and hardcore motorcycle riders. Custom bikes went mainstream with 1960s movies like Easy Rider and British post-war era café racers. The two wheeled machinery and its wider creative reality generates an aesthetic poetry conveying simultaneously potential for speed and rebellious desires. A subculture made of love, style and rock & roll shared by nonconformist individualists, casual city dwellers and passionate racers alike.

“Art in the Fast Lane” is about these unique sculptures a man can ride and the art of a contemporary breed of creators inspired by this passion for individual freedom.

Capturing the vibe with ‘Road Trip’ and further works by acclaimed painter Marcus Sendlinger, the exhibition also shows exceptional video art by world-renowned Spanish photographer Alberto Garcia-Alix alongside emerging international artists such as Morgan Matyjasik and Max Daines. To highlight the event some of today’s top custom motorcycle sculptures signed by names such as Mad Maks, Ortolani & Sur les Chapeaux de Roues have been made available.

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Photo credits (Slide) Morgan Matyjasik and Max Daines