Art of You-Here-Now - The art of meditation in Monaco

The art of meditation in Monaco

Coming this Fall — October 2018

Meditation for today
Guided meditation to build happiness

META MONACO offers guided meditations to help you build true happiness from within.

Desire, aversion, delusion and never-ending thoughts can make us stressed, anxious, unhappy,... Blind to actual reality.

Amidst bustling cities and faraway places reached in a dash, modernity is full of opportunities yet it’s hard to simply be. To be attentive to your wordless inner Self. To completely devote to ‘you-here-now’, perceiving the watcher and the world being watched at rest!

To be and know your Self is ultimate experience and absolute enjoyment. It is source of balance and measure between the inner and the outer.

We use the most ancient meditation techniques

  • mainly Archaic-Buddhism
  • also Tibetan-Buddhism
  • Tantric-Buddhism
  • Taoism
  • Zen-like

Sessions guide focus on your Self, with your Self and through your Self.
This is a very present-day approach that is easily accessible through extensive use of custom-made video and audio art.

Meditation reduces mental and emotional agitation

Capture magic of being in the fleeting moment concentrating spiritually whilst breathing consciously.
Practicing increase self-awareness and foster mindful serenity.

Be instantaneous art, ultra contemporary, be the Art of You-Here-Now.

Meditation for everyone

People who have never meditated before can benefit from our sessions. Teachings are presented in a clear and easily accessible manner, and meditations are guided so that both beginner and experienced meditators can appreciate the benefits.

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