Dreaming of oceans

OCEAN ART WEEK a new exhibition with a selection of works around Oceans. The artists’ stories, their visions of the seas, of the shores, ways of exploring offer a freeing experience of welcome freshness.

Artist Birte Lorenzen hails from Hamburg. Her collage artworks create meaningful realities based on this technique which made such a dramatic reappearance in the early 20th century as an art form of novelty. Her passion for yoga and surfing allow for an acute awareness of changing dimensions. Shapes, water, earth, colors, elements all contribute to affirm a new perception where the cut out entities fuse into an imaginary assemblage that tells new realities.

The film Saltwater Stories is a collection of documentary vignettes by the New York-based creative collective Jungles in Paris with directors: Oliver Hartman (Nova Scotia & New Brunswick films), Ben Louis Nicholas (Nantucket), Billy Silva & Guille Isa (Peru). From Maritime Canada down to Nantucket and ending on the docks outside Lima, Peru, the emphasis is on solitary pursuits and more traditional, small-scale ways that individuals in seaside regions engage with the vast blue beyond. Yet industrial and post-industrial realities linger in the background.

The photographic work, curated by Jungles in Paris, is evidence of how the oceans seep into our imagination. Here are ice-speckled seas of mythical, Nordic aspect. Here is the dwelling place of strange and giant creatures. Here it is as a destination of the mind, one that absorbs meaning from contrasting landscapes and from the human enterprise that so often launches up against it.




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