Gregory de la Haba

Vertical Horizons/Horizontal Waves:

New Sculpture, Assemblage, & Photo Collage by de la Haba

  • Waves never look back
  • Skies lay no blame
  • Tracing reason in the sand.
Gregory de la Haba

Exhibition currently up and running in Monaco

39 Avenue Princesse Grace
Monte-Carlo, Monaco

META MONACO is pleased to present for the first time in Monaco new work by a true, New York original, Gregory de la Haba.

Last year META debuted OCEAN ART WEEK, and continues with a solo show TOTEM POEMS an homage to the sea. For a number of years, de la Haba has explored the ancient and sacred structure of the totem as theme while taking his love and affinity for the sea and the surf culture that surrounds it as cue to create a new body of work that is primordial yet modern, familiar yet dashingly fresh.

META MONACO is also excited to showcase for the conceptual and interactive Wailing Reef Project. A body of work that references the abundance of plastics found in our waterways in the form of two totems reminiscent of bleached coral reefs—when the algae that lives on the coral dies—and all the reef's magnificent color dies with it—leaving behind lifeless, white limestone beds. Visitors are invited to scrawl their 'wishes and dreams for and of the sea' on brightly colored Post-it® paper and to be like algae, colorful, and to bring their color to the work, to embed their dreams, wishes and light to de la Haba's unique and masterful Bleached Coral Totems. Our collective cry for the sea just might help it.

De la Haba is a classically trained painter, writer, author, publisher, cum laude graduate of Harvard University, and Curator-at-large at Geuer & Geuer Gallery in Dusseldorf, Germany. He and his wife, Teresa, own and operate the oldest bar in New York City, McSorley's Old Ale House, its little wonder de la Haba, it seems, is truly the 'man about town'

  • Seeing a glimmer of returning light
  • The reflection remained still
  • Long enough to smile back.
Gregory de la Haba
Gregory de la Haba Sculpture
Gregory de la Haba Sculpture
Gregory de la Haba
Gregory de la Haba ready for shipping to META Monaco